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Thank you for considering a purchase from Dream Acres Boer Goats! 
Please read the following:

  • We would like you to visit our farm to choose your animals so that you may see exactly what you will be getting. 
  • If you choose to select over the internet, please spend some time with us over email and the phone asking all the questions you can think of.
  • All pricing is considered for a pick-up at our farm - other arrangements may be arranged.
  • Registration Papers -Generally, animals born on our farm have not been registered and tattooed.  We will provide you with an application and / or Service Memo as required.
  • We will hold the animal for a SHORT period without deposit or payment.
  • We will hold the animal for 14 days with a 25% (or more)  deposit.  Deposit is non-refundable w/out good cause.
  • After 14 days, there will be a $2.00/day boarding fee per animal
  • If you want one of our does bred to one of our bucks, please let us know in advance.  Depending upon situation, there may be a fee.
  • Does Sold as "Exposed" are assumed pregnant, but we do not gaurantee pregnancy.

DISCLOSURE:  There has been CL on Dream Acres Farm in the past.  All adults have been given autogenous vaccine



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